Maryann Thompson Architects

Mrs. Stephens,

Jim DePaolo contacted us yesterday to ask us to write a note to you on his behalf.  Jim contacted Maryann directly and also myself since we worked together day to day, a true testament to his value on relationships.  He builds strong connections with the architect and staff as well as the client from our experience.  We have worked with him on a number of occasions and he has built two very large residential projects for our office, a new construction and an extensive renovation, both complex and challenging projects.  Both of them have been published or are in the process and are award winning.  We appreciated his connection with the client and the project in both cases.  He is not the kind of builder that has 10 projects going on all over New England, but rather one that remains current on daily activities at the site of a few projects.  In one case, he rented a house locally for his team as the project was in CT, creating a stronger bond with the client and the project.  We would highly recommend Jim to you and continue to have him bid on projects for our office as we value his insight and reasonable pricing.  Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Thank you!
Evan Mathison

Evan T. Mathison, Associate
Maryann Thompson Architects
Cambridge, MA